Company Profile

ANKER Industries provides a complete line of metallurgical powders & briquettes, aluminum processing and slag design service.

ANKER Industries produces the following through the North America:

  • Metallurgical powders & briquettes
  • slag design services for steel mills
  • ferrous foundries
  • non-ferrous metals

Anker Industries will manufacture and deliver metallurgical products of the highest quality that meet the specifications and needs of our customers, while continually improving our products and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System that conform to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Our headquarters and 200,000 square-foot plant are located 12 miles east of Pittsburgh.

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Our Team

Richard Antonelli | President

Raymond Antonelli | Marketing Manager

Philip King | Sales Director

Ricky Rollins | Sales

Jack Klein | Technical Director

Ronald Antonelli | Non Ferrous Trader

Jessica Antonelli | Purchasing and Sales

John Klatko | Controller

Symone Gray | Sales

Angela Altman | Office Manager

Dave Preece | Plant Manager

Jamie Raible | Administrative Assistant

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