Metallurgical Powders & Briquettes and Slag Analysis Services to Steel Mills, Ferrous Foundries and Metal Producers in North America
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Some of the Metallurgical Powders & Briquettes, Insulating & Exothermic Refractories, Alloys, and Carbons product categories listed below are linked to tech data sheets as noted, and others require contact with Anker for additional information.  See All Products »

Aluminum Products – We test all inbound trucks with a Niton gun and Al% by Hydrogen Evolution

  •  Aluminum Turnings of 6000 Series
  • High-grade Turnings with 6000 base
  • 1100 Series Al Turnings
  • Clean Drosses from 25-70% Aluminum Content
  • Swarf from 40-60% Aluminum Content
  • UBC’S (Used Beverage Cans)
  • Saw Fines

Other Products:

  • HiCal and dolomitic lime
  • Hi purity Aluminum oxide
  • Recyclable Refractories
  • Calcium Aluminates
  • Expandable Graphite
  • Carbon Black
  • Perlite and diatomaceous earth
  • Met Coke, Anthracite, or Pet Coke
  • Fluorspar
  • Magnesite

ANKER Industries provides a complete line of metallurgical powders & briquettes, aluminum processing and slag design service.

 ANKER Industries is a producer of metallurgical powders & briquettes and slag design services for steel mills, ferrous foundries and non-ferrous metals producers throughout North America.

Anker Industries will manufacture and deliver metallurgical products of the highest quality that meet the specifications and needs of our customers, while continually improving our products and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System that conform to the ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

Our headquarters and 200,000 square-foot plant are located 12 miles east of Pittsburgh. Contact Us »

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